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The Recently Pardoned Roger Stone Says He Will Be Suing Bill Barr

The Recently Pardoned Roger Stone Says He Will Be Suing Bill Barr

While he was being tried in federal court, Roger Stone had trouble keeping quiet about his case. It got bad bad, in fact, that Judge Amy Berman Jackson issued a gag order, then had to tighten it after it was broken. Stone was eventually sentenced to a multi-year prison stint for witness tampering and lying to congress.

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Lucky for him, though, Stone was an advisor and a personal friend of Donald Trump. The president first commuted his friend’s sentence then issued him a pardon. And now Stone is hungry for revenge against those he felt did him wrong. On Christmas night, the “dirty trickster” vowed to sue a number of judges including William Barr.

The political strategist made the comments on alt-right website, Parler. Stone wrote:

“The terms of my pardon allow me to sue the Department of Justice, Robert Mueller, James Comey, John Brennan, Rod Rosenstein, Josnathan Kravis (sic), Aaron ‘Fat Ass’ Zelinsky, Jeanie Rhee (sic), and Michael Morando. My lawyers will be filing formal complaints for prosecutorial misconduct’s with DOJ office of professional responsibility at the same time I file a 25 million dollar lawsuit against the DOJ and each of these individuals personally. In fact, I am going to add Bill Barr to the lawsuit and I will handle his cross-examination personally.”

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Like many other figures in Trump’s orbit, Roger Stone has turned on the once popular William Barr. Whether or not he actually sues the former Attorney General remains to be seen.


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