The Reason for All of the Fighting in American Politics

There is probably no topic that is more polarizing than politics. Actually, discussion and argument are one of the goals of politics, since it’s the only way to solve issues democratically in a society. Every country has its own style of politics, with a wide spectrum of political beliefs. But there is one country that seems to be the leader of global political controversy: The United States.
With coronavirus putting a choke on the US economy, we had the Presidential elections that took place on the 3rd of November 2020. Joe Biden won the majority of the votes and was elected president. As you know, this transition was anything but peaceful, with the storming of the US capitol building by Trump supporters on the 6th of January 2021.
The unrest that exists in the hearts of the American people seems to reflect the warlike state of US politics. Republicans vs Democrats, Conservatives vs Liberals, Right vs Left. We have all heard these words. The fighting has gotten so intense, it sometimes feels like we’re watching Mortal Kombat. It’s the constant fight of two political ideologies that seem to be going on forever.

How do individuals pick their party?

The United States has an almost religious aura surrounding each ideology. It used to be that you would support a specific political party because it could represent your needs. Nowadays, people support the party they believe in the most. It doesn’t have to do with logic, or reason, or facts. It’s a matter of faith and habit. “I was born and raised this way, so I will vote this way”.
Even though Democrats and Republicans share the same fundamental values (protect our children, maintain a peaceful society, and freedom and liberty for all), there are ongoing conflicts that just can’t seem to be resolved.

A bit odd, right? Two parties that for the eyes of the public are like the day and night, but when it comes to the things that make the difference in society, they have no problem agreeing. What could be the cause of this?

Some people believe that it’s all a play. It’s all an act to distract people from actually understanding what is happening on the political scene. It’s easier to vote whatever laws you want when the people are disagreeing on whether there should be a 10-meter or a 30-meter wall with Mexico. It’s becoming more about the spectacle rather than caring about the meaning of anything.

In the End
The fact that the Democrats hate the Republicans and vice versa is a testimony of how much the theater of US politics is achieving its goals: a goal to divide the population and make them fight each other, so they can reign without the concern of people fighting against the injustices by both parties.
We have to understand that, in reality, it’s not only Democrats vs Republicans. Rich donors have supported both parties. It’s really the rich fighting against the poor.
It’s the ancient old trick the Romans used to keep the people they conquered in check. It’s called Divide-and-Conquer.

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