The Poll Hero Project: America Needs You to Be a Poll Hero

If there’s any doubt about whether or not the students of this country are going to bring out the vote this November, one group of both high school and college college students is determined to make that happen. The Poll Hero Project was founded by a group of Princeton University students, Denver East High School students, and a University of Chicago School of Business graduate who all care deeply about democracy and non-partisanship.


Somewhat ironically, their work was initially focused not on in-person voting, but on the opposite, building support for federal funding for vote-by-mail. As it became clear that the clock was running out, and that states needed to have their voting plans in place, experts across the country convinced them that a lack of poll workers was one of the most significant unmet needs in the proper functioning of the 2020 Election.

They had observed the election disasters in Wisconsin and Georgia and came to appreciate that a lack of poll workers — typically older Americans who are at a higher risk of serious complications from Covid-19 — was one of the driving forces behind these debacles.

In their research, they were inspired to learn about Princeton staff member Laura Wooten, who was a poll worker for 79 years. She started working elections in 1939 and was believed to be the longest working poll worker in US History.

Without poll workers like Laura Wooten, elections can’t happen. That’s why we’re asking young people across this country to join us and help make the 2020 Election a success.



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