[WATCH] The New Passion of the QAnon Christ

Actor Jim Caviezel was a rising star in the early 2000s, having scored minor but impressive roles in films like “The Thin Red Line” and “Wyatt Earp”. But once he was tapped by controversial actor/director to star in “The Passion of the Christ” in 2004, his personal faith and deeply religious way of life began to overshadow his professional career. Struck by lightning on that set–twice–Caviezel came to believe he was somehow the reincarnation of Jesus. And while he’s continued to act (most notably on CBS’s “Person of Interest” while making his own religious films, casting his children in minor roles), it now seems he’s also fully given himself over to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Videos of the actor from “a right-wing COVID conspiracy theorist conference” emerged on Twitter on Saturday, with Caviezel sharing the cult’s most fringe beliefs regarding children and “adrenochroming”, a centuries-old anti-Semitic myth.

Adrenochrome is an agent produced from the body’s oxidation of adrenaline. Somehow QAnons believe the persistent rumor that “global elites” torture children to harvest the chemical adrenochrome from their blood, which they then inject in order to stay healthy and young. Writing for Wired, Brian Friedberg said in July 2020 that little scientific research has been done beyond a few studies in the mid-20th century on whether adrenochrome could play a role in schizophrenia. “The question transfixed the writers Aldous Huxley and Hunter S. Thompson, who were obsessed with mind-altering substances,” Friedberg wrote. “To them, adrenochrome became a psychotropic, akin to mescaline…Biologists didn’t find much of interest.”

Along with adrenochroming, Caviezel has also openly aligned himself with “Operation Underground Railroad”, which alleges to save children from sex trafficking. Meanwhile, everyone who believes in QAnon is looking the other way while Matt Gaetz is being investigated for sex trafficking of his own.

You can see the videos of Jim Caviezel sharing the QAnon adrenochroming conspiracy theories by clicking through the tweets below.

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