The Mother of a Capitol Police Officer Seriously Injured in Insurrection Blasts Trump Over Hugging and Kissing Comments

On January 6th, a mob of Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol. The attack was covered by every major news channel as shocked Americans watched at home. One police officer died from the attack and many more were injured.

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Just months later, Trump and his supporters are trying to gaslight Americans about what really happened. This weekend, the former president claimed the rioters were hugging and kissing the police officers. Last night, the mother of one of those injured officers blasted Trump.

Officer Michael Fanone. Fanone was repeatedly hit with a stun gun and beat with a flag pole during the riot. He suffered a heart attack and a traumatic brain injury.

Terry Fanone, the mother of the officer told Don Lemon, “For us, for our family, and for each and every police officer that I know that Michael’s in touch with constantly, it’s outrageous. It’s so dehumanizing. It’s so devaluing.”

When asked about Trump’s comments, Fanone continued, “That doesn’t even begin to tell the story. It doesn’t even begin to tell the story of what our family went through and what he went through that day.”

Congressman Ted Lieu shared an article about Fanone and asked, “The former President harmed police officers by inciting an insurrection. He continues to disrespect police officers by speaking delusional lies about the insurrection. If you support the former President’s actions and current lies, what does that make you?”

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