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The Man Who Claimed Trump Had an ‘Illegitimate Child’ Can Now Speak

The Man Who Claimed Trump Had an ‘Illegitimate Child’ Can Now Speak

Some of you may recall a story CNN published back in April of this year regarding a Trump World Tower doorman named Dino Sajudin. Sajudin had claimed that Mr. Trump had an affair with a housekeeper which resulted in an ‘illegitimate child,’ out of wedlock.

“Today I awoke to learn that a confidential agreement that I had with AMI (The National Enquirer) with regard to a story about President Trump was leaked to the press,” Sajudin said in a statement obtained by CNN back in April. “I can confirm that while working at Trump World Tower I was instructed not to criticize President Trump’s former housekeeper due to a prior relationship she had with President Trump which produced a child.”

Here we are, four months later, and things have changed considerably. David Pecker, the chairman and CEO of AMI has been granted immunity by the government for his testimony relating to the Michael Cohen case, and the confidential agreement signed between Mr. Sajudin and AMI is no longer valid.

CNN has learned from Marc Held, Sajudin’s attorney, that after back-and-forth discussions between his client and AMI, his client has been released from the contract, which would have sought $1 million if information related to the affair had been made public by Sajudin. CNN has also confirmed that the original contract was signed in November of 2015, five months after Trump announced his candidacy for president. The contract read as follows (source: user carc on Reddit.com)

Payment: $30,000 (Thirty Thousand Dollars), payable upon publication as set forth below

Exclusive: Source shall provide AMI with information regarding Donald Trump’s illegitimate child; and any and all document, including but not limited to letters and any legal documents, and photographs in Source’s possession relevant to the Exclusive.

(Handwritten) AMI agrees to not to [illegible (run?)] or [illegible block] any published articles. [initial] 11/15/2015

Exclusivity Period: __________ months after AMI publishes the Exclusive


This Agreement is entered into, by and between Source and American Media, Inc. (AMI). Source agrees to grant worldwide rights to AMI for publication of the Exclusive. AMI and Source therefore agree to the following:

  1. Consent. Source agrees to be interviewed by a representative of AMI, for an article to be published concerning the Exclusive. Source understands that some or all of what the Source says during the interview may appear in the article.

  2. Cooperation. Source agrees to provide AMI with a complete and accurate interview regarding Source’s personal knowledge of the Exclusive. Source agrees to cooperate fully with AMI in providing corroborating information relevant to the Exclusive. Source agrees to allow AMI to tape record all discussion between Source and AMI’s representative(s), such tape(s) to remain in possession of AMI. Source agrees to submit to a polygraph examination or other methods of verification concerning the Exclusive if AMI deems this to be necessary. Source agrees to be fully supportive of AMI should any legal challenge arise over the article based on the Exclusive, including but not limited to, being identified as the source of the Exclusive and testifying in court on behalf of AMI should AMI deem this necessary.

  3. Competency. Source is not a minor. Source is the owner of all right in and to the Exclusive or is authorized by the owner of those rights to license the Exclusive to AMI. Source represents and warrants that publication by AMI of Exclusive will not infringe upon any rights of any individual or entity. Source further represents and warrants that Source is under no legal impediment to provide the Exclusive to AMI and that the Exclusive has been obtained by Source without violating any applicable laws or statutes.

  4. Release. Source shall not make or institute a lawsuit or claim liability, in law or in equity, against AMI or any of its assigns, licensees, or successors, arising out of, or in connection with, the publication of the Exclusive supplied to AMI pursuant to this Agreement.

  5. Exclusivity Period. Neither Source nor anyone under Source’s supervision or control will discuss or in any way disclose to any person other than a representative of AMI any facts relating to the Exclusive until after the expiration of the Exclusivity Period. Source warrants and represents that neither Source nor anyone under Source’s supervision or control has entered into an agreement with any other reporter or news media to provide the same or similar Exclusive. In the event that Source or someone under Source’s supervision or control does disclose any of the Exclusive prior to the expiration of the Exclusivity Period, this Agreement will be null and void and no payment will be made to Source.

  6. Grant. Source hereby grants AMI the Publication Rights to the Exclusive. Source also grants AMI, its affiliates, subsidiaries, assigns and licensees, the non-exclusive right to reproduce, publish and/or digitally archive the Exclusive in any form or media in any language throughout the world.

  7. Consideration. In consideration of the foregoing, AMI promises to pay Source the Payment amount, payable two weeks after the cover date of the edition containing any article or the last of a series of articles based on the Exclusive.

  8. Publication of the Exclusive. Source acknowledges that AMI shall have no obligation to public the Exclusive and that AMI’s only obligation to Source shall be the payment of the sum set forth in this Agreement, subject to the terms of this Agreement. AMI will not owe Source any compensation if AMI does not public the Exclusive provided by Source. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall prevent AMI from publishing an article or articles relating to the Exclusive which are derived from information gathered from sources other than Source.

  9. Breach of Agreement. Source acknowledges that any breach by Source of this Agreement shall constitute a material breach. If Source breaches the terms of the Agreement, AMI shall have no further payment obligations to Source and AMI may take legal action to retrieve payments AMI has made to Source.

  10. Governing Law and Exclusive Venue. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Florida law. Source agrees that any suit to enforce any term of this Agreement shall be instituted in a state or federal court of competent jurisdiction in the State of New York, county of New York, which court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any such suit.





See Also

Reference is made to the Source Agreement (the “Agreement”), dated as of November 15, 2015, by and between Dino Sajudin (“Source”) and American Media, Inc. (“AMI”). Capitalized terms not otherwise defined heerin shall have the meaning set forth in such Agreement.

For good and valuable consideration, (receipt of which is hereby acknowledged), Source and AMI have agreed, and do hereby agree, that the Agreement is hereby amended as follows:

  1. AMI shall pay Source the Payment set forth in the Agreement (i.e., $30,000) within 5 days of receipt of this Amendment signed by the Source.

  2. The Exclusivity Period set forth in the Agreement is extended in perpetuity and shall not expire.

  3. Source agrees that he shall not disclose the Exclusive or the terms of the Agreement or this Amendment to any third party except as required by law or court order, provided Source gives AMI prompt written notice of such requirement or order so AMI may seek an appropriate protective order or other relief. In the event Source breaches this provision, Source shall be liable to AMI and shall pay to AMI, as liquidated damages, and not as a penalty, the sum of $1,000,000 (one million dollars), which amount represents the result of a reasonable endeavor by AMI to ascertain the fair average compensation for any damages that AMI will sustain as the result of such disclosure, and that the amount of those damages is impracticable to calculate or ascertain with certainty or specificity.

Except as other specifically amended herein, all the terms and conditions of the Agreement are hereby ratified and confirmed. In the case of a conflict between the Agreement and this Amendment, the terms and conditions of this Amendment shall control.

Please sign below to indicate your acceptance of the foregoing.

DINO SAJUDIN [signature]


AMERICAN MEDIA, INC. [signature]

While Sajudin has yet to speak out on the child-producing affair, his attorney has confirmed that he will in fact be speaking soon.

“He is now able to speak about his personal experience with them, as well as his story, which is now known to be one of the ‘catch and kill’ pieces. Mr. Sajudin hopes the truth will come out in the very near future,” explained Marc Held.

Will yet another affair, this time resulting in a child, have an impact on Trump’s approval by his base? That’s anyone’s guess, but then again, the president likely has other things to worry about, which may have much more impact on the future of his presidency.

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