The Lincoln Project Fully Endorses Harris, Has Started Running Ads Against GOP Candidates Outside of Trump

Donald Trump hates the Lincoln Project, there is not doubt about that. The group, made up of former Republicans, has spent much of the last year antagonizing the president.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

And the group is also starting to move beyond just trying to hurt Trump. They have also come out in support of Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential pick, Kamala Harris. In addition, the Lincoln Project has started to run ads against Republican senatorial candidates.

The group released a statement on their Twitter feed that read, “Harris is renowned for her legal expertise and has proven herself to be a steadfast defender of justice and human rights. She has a deserved reputation for opposing the reprehensible actions the current administration has engaged in against both our own citizens and our allies. We believe she will be a powerful asset to the Biden campaign.”

In addition to supporting Harris, the group is staring to run ads against GOP lawmakers. Targets include Marco Rubio (FL), Ted Cruz (TX) and Steve Daines (MT). Reed Galen, a Lincoln Project strategist explained, “The stated goal from the beginning was to defeat Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box and to call out his enablers. These senators we’ve gone after are not conservative Republicans in any classical sense of those words … they should have T’s behind their names, not R’s.”

The GOP is not all that impressed with the Lincoln Projects actions. Republican National Committee spokesman Steve Guest said, “The Lincoln Project is comprised of grifters who are nothing more than agents of the Democrat Party. Above all else, these political opportunists are solely concerned with making a quick buck for themselves.”


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