“The Left Always Hated Cowboys” Charlie Kirk Has no Issue With Border Patrol Attacking Migrants [VIDEO]

On Monday, a number of news programs ran footage of border patrol agents on horseback assaulting Haitian migrants seeking asylum. Condemnation for the treatment of the Haitians came in rapidly. Jen Psaki told reporters, “I don’t think anyone seeing that footage would think it’s acceptable or appropriate.”

[Photo by Megan JELINGER / AFP via Getty Images)
Charlie Kirk, however, seems quite delighted by the footage. In fact, the Conservative activist said that asylum seekers deserved to be whipped because they were invaders.

Kirk said on his podcast:

“It’s perfectly acceptable, these people are criminals coming into our country. I mean, maybe I’m failing to understand why we need to have this deep-seated sympathy. Do we have this deep-seated sympathy for people that go around and rob banks? They’re breaking into our country. Crime does not elicit sympathy. And this guy was not abusing them. You look at the video, he’s using a bridle that’s on the horse already.

Now, here’s the thing. This is such — and here’s why they hate this more than anything else. You want to know why they hate this? The left has always hated cowboys. Always. This is why they’re losing their minds. Investigations, subpoenas, there’s a lot of reasons for this. Too much testosterone is the first reason, too much muscle mass. And being a cowboy is the spirit of independence. It is the rugged frontier.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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