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The Koch Brothers Are Taking On Donald Trump Over Tariffs

The Koch Brothers Are Taking On Donald Trump Over Tariffs

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The Koch Brothers have long been supporters of the Republican Party but Donald Trump has angered the family and three political groups that support them. The groups say they plan to use advertising, lobbying and grassroots campaigns to explain the benefits of free trade.

Koch Industries is one of the largest privately-owned firms in the world and relies fairly heavily on global trade to conduct business. Charles and David Koch’s company has interests ranging from pipelines to paper towels.

The move to attack Trump’s decisions arrives just days after the President imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the EU, Canada, and Mexico.

That’s not to say Koch Industries is a golden boy for the social movement, while they have donated millions to the American Civil Liberties Union, the brothers have also spent money to deny climate change and they regularly attack unions and worker rights.

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The groups now fighting President Trump include Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, Americans for Prosperity and the LIBRE Initiative. All three groups are relying on the same messaging, claiming the tariffs will hamper the United States’ ability to compete on a global scale while throwing the U.S. economy into a trade war it can’t win.

Leaders from the EU, Canada, and Mexico have also spoken out to criticize the President’s move and have threatened retaliation which would hurt U.S. businesses.

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