The Height of Evil: Patton Oswalt Blasts Fox News Reopen Push

Patton Oswalt is best known for both his stand-up comedy and starring roles in movies like Ratatouille and shows like the King of Queens. The comedian also has a prominent Twitter account that features 4.6 million followers.

Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

A lot of Oswalt’s tweets are about the current political landscape and are frequently critical of Fox News and the Trump administration. During a recent interview with The Daily Beast, the comedian said that the network’s reopen push is “the height of evil.”

Oswalt explained, “It’s very, very frustrating when you see people’s economic and job frustration being weaponized to benefit the rich. Obviously you sympathize with people that are out there going, you know, reopen businesses and stuff because they have to go work. But those kinds of protests are being astroturfed by wealthy people to get those people back working for them. And they’re the ones being put at risk.”

The comedian continued, “So it’s the height of evil when you see the Fox and Friends people, who are in remote studios and safe from each other going, ‘We need to end this social distancing, don’t you think?’ Why don’t you guys do it first? You’re seeing them throwing bodies onto the barbed wire to benefit themselves.”

Oswalt then got into the subject of Donald Trump and noted that it’s hard to make jokes about him. “How do you parody someone who’s a bad comedian trying to get jokes and get attention and sh*t like that,” he asked. “After a while, the insanity and stupidity of his daily existence—and our daily letting it happen—is going to steamroller anything you’re going to come up with as a joke. How do we satirize the transcript of our reality right now?”

You can read the Daily Beast interview in its entirety here

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