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“The Guy is a Racist” Watch Rep. Jim Clyburn Bluntly Rip Ron Johnson

“The Guy is a Racist” Watch Rep. Jim Clyburn Bluntly Rip Ron Johnson

In the days before Donald Trump, politicians would be more discreet about their racism. But during and after the term of the 45th president, those with prejudiced beliefs have been much more open about them.

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Take Ron Johnson for example. He recently said that he wasn’t worried about being injured during the January 6th insurrection. However, the Wisconsin senator said, he would have felt differently had the rioters been from BLM or Antifa.

During his Tuesday night show, Don Lemon asked Jim Clyburn about the comments. The South Carolina Representative plainly said, “that guy is a racist.”

Lemon began, “Can we please talk, if you will, about Senator Ron Johnson now saying that the left has twisted what he said about the January 6th investigation. How did you hear that?”

“I heard it the way he meant it,” Clyburn responded. “You know, the moment he said or prefaced his last statement, ‘I know I’m going to get in trouble for this,’ then went on to say it. That said to me he knew exactly what he was saying, he knew why he was saying it, he knew exactly how the reactions would be. He just didn’t care.”

The South Carolina congressman continued, “The guy is racist. This is not the first time he has indicated such. I would hope that the people Wisconsin would take note of this and do what they can to help make this country a better place. Now, I know the history of Wisconsin. When it comes to politics. They have been on both sides of the extremes, extreme right and extreme left. I would hope that they will moderate themselves in the next election and get rid of this right extremist.”

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