The Guy Always Hitting on Cocktail Waitresses: George Clooney Remembers Trump Before he Was President

Donald Trump loves to hob-nob with celebrities. He created a game show, of course, which had celebrities compete against each other in business ventures. Celebrities, though, don’t really return the love to the president. He is incredibly unpopular in Hollywood.

Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Hulu

George Clooney has been one of the more vocal Democrats among Hollywood’s stars. And the actor also knows Trump from long before he became the president. During a recent interview with the Guardian, Clooney says he remembered Trump as the guy who was always hitting on cocktail waitresses.

Clooney didn’t mince words when the subject came to Trump. He says of the president, “I knew him as the guy who was, like, ‘Hey, what’s that cocktail waitress’s name? Is she single?’ That’s all he was. Literally that’s all he was. And to see that become president, it felt as though the world had gone crazy.”

But the actor also feels hopeful about the upcoming presidency of Joe Biden. He continued, “The hope starts. After four years of some pretty insane stuff coming out of the United States, there is some normalcy.”

Clooney closed the interview by saying, “It’s been a crappy year. It has. But we’re gonna get through it. I believe that with my whole heart. If I didn’t believe that I don’t know how we’d raise kids in this world. We’re gonna get through these things and my hope and my belief is that we will come out better.”

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