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The Former Guy Has Plummeted Down the Forbes List in the Last Year

The Former Guy Has Plummeted Down the Forbes List in the Last Year

Donald Trump has long been obsessed with his wealth, often exaggerating the figure to impress others. So he is sure to be infuriated that he has fallen more than 300 spots on Forbes Magazine’s billionaires list.

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The former President would often tell Americans how lucky they were to have him. When first running for the Republican nomination, he said, “I’m really rich…that’s the kind of thinking you need for this country. It sounds crass, it’s not crass.”

Trump, though, is substantially less rich than he was when he entered the White House. Forbes released their list of the richest people in the world on Tuesday. The former president ranked 1,001 on the 2020 list. And when he became President, the publication estimated his fortune at $3.6 billion.

But on the 2021 list, Trump had fallen down the list to 1,299th place. And his fortune had also decreased substantially as it now sit at an estimated $2.4 billion. And there is likely more trouble to come.

Much of Trump’s assets are tied into businesses that were badly hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic he bungled. The Washington hotel that he opened prior to taking office is reportedly a ghost town.

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And for many, the Trump brand has become toxic. This is especially true since he incited an insurrection on the United States Capitol.

Last, but not least, the former President and his businesses are facing serious legal jeopardy. The state of New York has opened a significant investigation into Trump and his organization. Is that investigation is successful, Trump may lose his fortune altogether.

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