The Disabled American Veterans to Kick Out Members Who Participated in Capitol Attack

The people who participated in last week’s Trump riots came from all walks of like. Of course, there were the typical white supremacists who still live in their parent’s basements. But there were also plenty of police officers and fire fighters. And unfortunately, there were a number of military veterans.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

For many of those military members there is a reckoning coming. And that reckoning won’t only be coming from the law. Multiple veterans groups have now announced that they will purge members who participated in the Capitol attacks.

According to Stars and Stripes Magazine, the Disabled American Veterans, a group of over 1 million people, plans on kicking out members who are convicted of crimes related to the insurrection.

Butch Whitehead, the group’s national commanders says, “[W]e are saddened that any veteran would desecrate our nation’s capital and will take immediate action to initiate the removal of any DAV member found guilty of committing illegal acts against our nation. Such behavior is a disgrace to our national values and must not be tolerated.”

DAV isn’t the only group that plans on removing members who participated in the attack. Joe Chenelly, the head of AM Vets, said that his group will also be kicking out anyone convicted.

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