The Day After Trump Admits to Attempted Collusion, Rand Paul Invites Russian Delegation to Washington

Literally within 24 hours of President Trump tweeting out an admission that his campaign attempted to conspire with agents of a hostile foreign government in an effort to ‘get information on an opponent,’ Kentucky Senator Rand Paul invited a delegation of Russians to Washington.

Paul, who traveled to Moscow this weekend, despite calls from political pundits to cancel the trip, has announced that he invited a delegation from Russia’s upper house of parliament to visit the US capital.

“I am pleased to announce that we will be continuing this conversation. We have invited members of the foreign affairs committee of Russia to come to the United States to meet with us in Washington. We also agreed to try to organize a meeting in a neutral, third country,” the Kentucky senator told reporters. “I consider this to be very important.” said Paul, after meeting with Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of Russia’s foreign affairs committee.

Kosachev is the man alleged to have met with Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen in June 2016, in Prague according to the Steele Dossier. He’s also the individual that fellow Republicans met with during their recent trip to Moscow on July 4 of this year.

While from a legal standpoint, there is nothing wrong with such a meeting on the surface, the timing and the optics of the meeting could not be worse, as Republicans get ready for a tough election in a few months.

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