The Dark Side Of Twitter

Many Twitter users with large follower counts are saying that their accounts are likely being “throttled,” or otherwise manipulated. They are wondering what the social media giant is doing and why? Or what is being done to Twitter, and by who? Twitter user, Tuck Frump, who has just under 100,000 followers began to notice something strange back in March of this year. He began to notice when his account began to grow and people would begin to follow him, he would all of a sudden be restricted from following anyone back.

Image: Digida

But that’s not all there is to this story. Don Winslow, a well-known author and the producer of many viral anti-Trump videos, yesterday suddenly had his videos flagged by Twitter as containing “sensitive content.” Winslow has nearly 300,000 Twitter followers and after his recent video, #NotMyChild debuted, many people were unable to retweet it. According to Winslow, “It has no nudity, no bad language, no violence and nothing to justify sensitive content.” Twitter users were quick to confirm Winslow’s comments.

Tuck is not the only account to suffer this throttling as many others have contacted him to complain about the same problem. That is not the only method of throttling happening on the platform as Tuck also noticed that at times he will only be allowed to follow one person every three minutes only to eventually be cut off completely. Other big accounts like MeidasTouch and  Really American are also seeing their videos stripped from the trending list which seems odd as their videos are among the most-watched on Twitter.

There is also a problem with direct messages according to Tuck, who says that video content is not showing up as tweets, but instead, as simple links that are often ignored and also prevent retweeting. Some content is being labeled as sensitive even though it is not sensitive by nature and does not violent Twitter’s guidelines. Tuck says that this is stifling the growth of many accounts and slowing down the dissemination of information, especially, involving politics. This does not seem to be by accident but the truth is unknown.

Twitter recently suffered a hack and responded by disabling blue checked accounts across the platform. The question everyone is asking is whether or not Twitter is doing this on purpose or if someone else is doing it to Twitter? And if Twitter is doing it then the question is why?

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