The “Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell Posts Picture of Himself With Dylann Roof Haircut and the Word Soon

Christopher Cantwell, also known as “The Crying Nazi”, became a public figure after his actions during the Unite the Right rally. In addition to his tearful interview, Cantwell earned a lifetime ban from the state of Virginia due to criminal charges.

Anthony Crider

Due to his views, Cantwell is banned from Instagram, Youtube and even dating site, OK Cupid. He still, however, keeps on active presence on Alt-Right friendly website, Gab. Last night, Cantwell posted a picture of himself with a Dylann Roof haircut and the word soon on his Gab account.

In addition to the threatening picture, Cantwell announced his intention to re-brand.

He made reference to a reformed White Supremacist, “Christian Piccolini gets to go around giving talks about how he used to beat up n*ggers, jews and f*ggots for fun. You guys are idiots if you think I can’t rebrand.”

Cantwell also believes he is close to a successful career. He writes:

I am a professional broadcaster, not a hobbyist. I could sell out today, kiss the right asses, go back on FFC airwaves in a few months and be making 6 figures in 2-3 years if I wanted to. I could objectively do more for the cause in this fashion than I can by stubbornly resisting the pressures of the market.” 

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