The Conservative National Review Blasts Trump’s Legal Strategy

Donald Trump has run through a number of lawyers since becoming President. Michael Cohen was sentenced to prison. Mueller Report lawyers John Dowd an Ty Cobb have long since departed. His current team is made up of Pat Cipollone and controversial figures like Alan Dershowitz, Pam Bondi and Ken Starr.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

While Conservative media has largely been in favor of Trump’s legal arguments against impeachment, that doesn’t mean all outlets are on the same page. The very Conservative National Review recently published an op-ed blasting the President’s current defense.

The editors largely take issue with the idea that Trump committed no crime. The title of the piece is titled, Impeachment Does Not Require a Crime.

According to the writers, “The claim now being advanced half-heartedly by Republicans that presidents cannot be impeached for any abuse of power unless that abuse took the form of a criminal violation of a statute.”

The editors then argue:

“The Founding-era debates about impeachment are clear that Congress was to be able to remove a president from office if he had exercised his legal powers in an abusive way. One example that came up during those debates: What if the president tacitly encouraged a crime and then pardoned the perpetrator? The pardon power is arguably unreviewable, and certainly very nearly so. It was left to the judgment of a majority of the House and a supermajority of the Senate, as always under the supervision of the voters, whether a president’s conduct had rendered his continuation in office intolerable.”

The National Review closes by suggesting a different strategy, let the voters stand in judgement this November.

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