The Biggest Loser: Andrew Giuliani Bombs With New York GOP

Andrew Giuliani boasted, “I’m a politician out of the womb. It’s in my DNA,” when he announced his intention last month to seek the Republican nomination for governor of New York. Given the results of Monday’s straw poll of GOP leaders the son of the former mayor of New York City may want to double check his birth certificate.

The younger Giuliani received exactly zero votes in the secret poll of New York Republican county chairs or members of the Republican state committee. Even more humiliating, more people chose to abstain from voting – 10 percent – rather than put their support behind Giuliani.

The clear winner of the polling was Rep. Lee Zeldin, who received 85 percent of the vote, making him the party’s presumptive gubernatorial nominee in an early test of establishment strength ahead of a primary to come next year. A former Westchester County executive, Rob Astorino, came in second with five percent of the vote.

Zeldin’s win was expected since the Long Island congressman long has had the backing of the state’s Republican leaders as their pick to challenge incumbent Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the state house.

The 35-year-old Giuliani may have been devastated by Monday’s vote. The day before he released the results of a poll he commissioned that claimed he was running eight points ahead of Zeldin. That poll, however, was not exactly scientific because it was conducted via automated calls on landlines to likely Republican voters. A Zeldin campaign staffer referred to Giuliani’s poll as “garbage.”

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