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The Best People: Kari Lake Supporter Harasses Pharmacy Customer Getting COVID Vaccine

The Best People: Kari Lake Supporter Harasses Pharmacy Customer Getting COVID Vaccine

Meet Ethan Schmidt, dear reader. Ethan is all of 23, but he knows everything about COVID19, waaay more than Dr. Fauci or any of those CDC types. Ethan has made a name for himself by terrorizing people who dare get vaccinated, but thankfully more people are getting hip to Ethan’s ways.

Ethan likes to travel around the Phoenix metro area and target businesses that still require customers to wear masks. He visits such shops and claims he is a victim of “discrimination”. He’s been banned from social media sites after it was reported that he was spreading false information about coronavirus, but has been accused of using burner accounts to stay in touch with his “fanbase.”



Ethan, who was apparently raised in a cave by wolves, first made an online name for himself last June, when he started an online harassment campaign against an Arizona wig shop that serves cancer patients. The name of the shop is Sunny’s Hair and Wigs, and they specialize in making wigs for women who have lost hair while getting treated for cancer. That’s a place to terrorize, right? How dare they help women like that. Cancer patients are particularly vulnerable to infection, so the mask policy at Sunny’s is super strict so their already sick customers don’t get sicker. On his (now-suspended) Instagram page Ethan posted a video from the shop and titled it “SUNNYS WIG AND HAIR DISCRIMINATES <\3” and also added the shop’s phone number and address to the post. The post resulted in many slamming Schmidt for spreading false information. NICE PARENTS, ETHAN!

Oh yeah, Ethan also hates the LGBTQ community, because he’s terrible. He hangs out with some pretty awful people, because no one enjoys being terrible more than Trump supporters.

Ethan gets a lot of things wrong in life, as you’ll see.

Oh, right, Ethan also supports Kari Lake, the Trump-anointed pro-Nazi MAGA candidate running for Arizona Governor who makes Eva Braun look like Ariana Grande. Kari loves Ethan, so keep that in mind when you’re heading to the polls in November 2022, Arizonians!

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Our friend Patriot Takes shared some new videos from Ethan’s latest foray out into the community, where he compared private vaccination rooms at a CVS to gas chambers and harassed the staff while they tried to vaccinate a customer. Because that’s a thing to do now too.

So if you just happen to be in Phoenix and you cross paths with Ethan while doing weird stuff like just living your life, make sure you get it on video so that we can shame him to filth on Twitter.

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