The Benefits of Taking Hydroxychloroquine Outweigh The Risks For The President, Says Press Secretary

President Donald Trump has been taking the antimalaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, despite warnings from the FDA of possible deadly side effects. Trump admitted to taking the drug earlier this week. He claims to be taking the unproven drug as a preventive measure against the coronavirus. Many were left aghast at his announcement, especially since several studies have recently shown that the drug could cause heart attacks. Many even doubted whether the president was actually taking the medicine. Then, at the end of the clip, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says something very interesting. She notes that someone in the waning days of their life, or someone facing a fatal illness should possibly take hydroxychloroquine. Did she just suggest that the President has medical issues none of us know about? See for yourself below:

On Wednesday,  the Press Secretary confirmed that Doctor Conely did, in fact, prescribe the medicine to President Trump. The press release read, “The doctor did prescribe it for him and he took it after having several discussions with Dr. Conley about its efficacy…” The Doctor says, “the benefits outweigh the risks for the President,” she told CBN.

McEnany defended the decision to prescribe Trump the medicine by saying that the antimalaria drug has been used to fight illnesses other than the coronavirus. “It was issued an emergency use authorization to use this as essentially like a right to try,” she said. “So, if you’re someone who has this, who is looking for a therapeutic, who has COVID and is looking for a therapeutic, hydroxychloroquine is something some doctors professed optimism about.”

“You do have a right to try it. It gives people a right to try in the waning days of their life when they are facing a fatal illness.”

Many people worry that Trump’s admittance may inspire others to follow suit. We will have to see if Trump’s decision hurts him in the end.

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