The Average American Doesn’t Want the Black National Anthem: Super Karen Megyn Kelly Goes Off on the NFL

At one point in time, Megyn Kelly was one of the highest paid and best known tv personalities in the country. Things went sideways for her, though, when she tried to bring her Fox News brand of racism to NBC News. She lasted a little over a year, leaving in controversy after she tried to defend blackface.

Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Fortune

Kelly now hosts a podcast and radio show were she is more open about her race baiting. During a recent show she slammed the NFL for addressing racial justice issues.

The journalist began, “I don’t think people want politics in their sports. I think that’s why the NBA has taken such a hit and learned from its prior experience. The NFL doesn’t seem to be learning quite as quickly.”

Kelly continued:

“I don’t think that the average American – Black or White – wants to hear the Black national anthem before they hear the national anthem…and it’s no offense against people of color, we’re one country. We don’t need separate anthems. It’s a chance to come together. Celebrate America… and then play a sports game. And not to shove politics or divisive cultural issues down the throats of the viewers who are looking for a getaway.”

You can listen to the segment below:

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