The 2020 Election is “No Less Than a Civil War,”Anti-Abortion ​Priest Declares

Frank Pavone, a Catholic priest and extreme anti-abortion activist had a message for his listeners on Sunday, declaring that the 2020 election “is a spiritual battle and no less than a civil war.” The statement was spread amongst followers by Pavone’s group  Priests for Life on Monday.  The group was created to fight for the abolishment of abortion in America. Pavone’s statement implored its readers to drop everything and “make it their first priority, as it will be mine, to re-elect President Trump, to give him a Republican House and Senate, and to elect Republicans on the state and local level as well.”

Pavone was a part of President Trump’s reelection campaign as an advisor until the Roman Catholic Authority ordered him to vacate the position which was reported by the Catholic News Agency. Pavone was adamant that resigning from the advisory position would not lesson his might in fighting against abortion rights. Pavone stated that he remains committed and his roots “is the Gospel of Jesus Christ” while accusing the Democrats of  “radically abandoned that Gospel, as well as the principles on which America was founded and Western Civilization rests.” He also said Joe Biden “is NOT a faithful, practicing Catholic no matter how much he may protest,” although Biden is a lifelong Catholic.

Pavone statement also said, “A Democrat victory would bring the holocaust of abortion, paid for by taxpayers, to unprecedented levels, taking away every restriction, even on infanticide; it would destroy our nation, bringing us socialism and open borders; it would replace law and order with mob rule and depleted law enforcement; it would deprive the Church of the freedom to conduct her mission and instead subject ministries to oppressive mandates, as Biden has already promised; it would destroy the family and any public protection for it; it would ruin our economy, ensnare us in destructive international agreements, and allow China to pursue its destructive agenda; it would fill the courts with judges who tear up the Constitution rather than apply it; it would roll back the protections President Trump has put in place for the consciences of healthcare workers, student on campus, and children who want to pray in school.”

He added, “Only by choosing the Republican candidates can we preserve the values we hold as Americans and believers. That is not the canonization of a party; it is simply the recognition of who our friends and enemies in the political realm are at this point in time.”

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