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That Joe Rogan N-Word Compilation Has Been Around For Years — And You May Be Surprised At Who’s Been Criticizing Him

That Joe Rogan N-Word Compilation Has Been Around For Years — And You May Be Surprised At Who’s Been Criticizing Him

A compilation video of Joe Rogan using the n-slur over and over (and over and over) went viral after it was shared by PatriotTakes and — but it’s not clear who initially assembled the partial clips together. However, it has been floating around the internet for years. In fact, it’s older than the MeidasTouch PAC.

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MeidasTouch has been getting some inquiries from apparent skeptics who are wondering about their involvement in the creation of the video, which went viral last month after Rogan was already in hot water for spreading anti-vax propaganda.

While the PAC (founded by 3 brothers in April 2020) offered what information they had about the original source of this and other viral videos of Rogan displaying racism, critics weren’t all satisfied.

However, there are multiple sources where the n-word compilation video can be seen from well before PatriotTakes and MeidasTouch shared it on Twitter:

This Streamable upload is dated September of 2020. That is, of course, not before the formation of the MeidasTouch PAC, but certainly before the recent Joe Rogan focus.

For a copy that does predate MeidasTouch and PatriotTakes, here is an upload to Reddit from February of 2019.

That’s not only before the PACs in question were formed, but it’s also before Spotify and Rogan signed a deal for his podcast to be exclusively available on the app. (BBC reported on the contract in 2020, noting that it would go into effect in September of that year, and mentioning that Rogan’s racism had been a subject of criticism — that was already not new information when Spotify signed the controversial comedian.)

The compilation also resurfaced in January of 2020, as a response to his support of Bernie Sanders. You can see it below on Twitter (obviously, CONTENT WARNING for RACIAL SLURS).

But it was also being circulated on Twitter in 2019.

In fact, here’s the other particularly viral clip that has accompanied the compilation — the podcast moment in which Rogan describes a neighborhood as “The Planet of the Apes” because he says he “didn’t see any white people.”

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That post is from February 2019 — when COVID-19 vaccines were still in the future and the right-wing antivax movement hadn’t yet taken hold, and when there was definitely no movement to have Spotify break the deal with Rogan over vaccine disinformation, since neither deal nor COVID-denying anti-vax propaganda JRE episodes existed yet.

In fact, that particular clip was scooped from an episode of Alex Jones’ show — as the two conspiracy theorists seem to have been in the midst of a petty feud. Forbes reported on it at the time, in February of 2019, describing it as apparently surfacing from Jones’s anger when Rogan refused to buy into his conspiracy theory about interdimensional child molesters.

So, these clips have been through quite an internet travel history in the past few years — but where did they originate?

If you really want to nail it down, they originated with words from Rogan’s own mouth, said on his podcast and in his standup routines, caught on video at the time he said them. In the case of the compilation, someone clearly assembled the portions — but let’s be honest and realistic. They’re not deep fakes, Rogan has admitted to the using the word over and over, even defending it as “not real racism,” just a “joke” — and thus the ultimate origin of all these clips is Joe Rogan.

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