Texts Show Oath Keepers Plotted to Assassinate Nancy Pelosi on Jan 6th

Prosecutors requested Friday that Oath Keeper Joseph Hackett be held in detention ahead of trial. He’s accused of buying a burner phone to use for the January 6th insurrection. Text messages acquired by the prosecution in the inspection of Oath Keepers’ phones including an Election Night chat that discussed a “shooting spree,” beginning with “[Nancy] Pelosi first.”

Hackett was allegedly filmed at the hotel in which he was staying covering his face from surveillance cameras. That hotel also happened to be where the so-called “quick reaction force” was stationed if the Capitol attackers needed reinforcements.

An Oath Keeper from Idaho in Bozeman, Montana. The “Oath Keepers” are a national, ultra-rightwing “Patriot” group comprised of former and active military, police and public safety personnel who have taken an oath to “uphold the Constitution” and to refuse to follow orders that they decide are unconstitutional. (Photo by William Campbell/Corbis via Getty Images)

Aside from those threats, other cases are pending as well: a Proud Boys supporter in New York was accused in February 2021 of posting violent threats on the conservative social networking site Parler. A Colorado man was charged with sending a text about “putting a bullet” in Pelosi. A man living near Chicago left an alleged voicemail message about killing Democrats on Inauguration Day.

The increase in domestic terrorism in the days leading up to and following the January 6th insurrection all point to the radicalism of Trump’s supporters. On Thursday, Floyd Ray Roseberry was taken into custody without incident after surrendering to authorities in connection with planting bombs at locations throughout Washington including the Library of Congress. Roseberry had used his Facebook to promote Trump’s Big Lie and other conspiracy theories connected to the 2020 Presidential Election.

Another January 6th insurrectionist, Thomas Ballard, is also being held while awaiting sentencing.

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