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Texts Show Don Jr’s Girlfriend Kim Guilfoyle Bragged About Raising ‘Millions’ For Capitol Riot

Texts Show Don Jr’s Girlfriend Kim Guilfoyle Bragged About Raising ‘Millions’ For Capitol Riot

A new report from ProPublica reveals that Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr who famously screeched “The best is yet to come!” at the 2020 RNC, facilitated millions of dollars of donations to fund the January 6th rally that preceded the attack on the Capitol. Texts acquired by ProPublica show Guilfoyle openly bragging about her involvement and the amount of money she’s helping to move around.

In a series of text messages sent on January 4th to GOP operative Katrina Pierson, who was acting as the White House liaison to the rally, Guilfoyle detailed her fundraising efforts and pushed to get more far-right speakers on the stage alongside Trump for the rally, which sought to overturn the election of President Joe Biden.

Guilfoyle’s texts, reviewed by ProPublica, represent the strongest indication yet that members of the Trump family circle were directly involved in the financing and organization of the rally. The attack on the Capitol that followed it left five dead and scores injured.

The House Select Committee investigating the events of January 6th has subpoenaed more than 30 Trump allies for testimony and documents, including Pierson and Caroline Wren, a former deputy to Guilfoyle. But Guilfoyle herself has so far not received any official notifications from Congress.

ProPublica shares the content of the text messages, which show that Guilfoyle selfishly expressed concerns that she might not be allowed to speak on stage at the January 6th rally. Pierson responded that Trump himself set the speaking lineup and that it was limited to people he selected, including some of his children and Amy Kremer, a grassroots activist who organized the event.

Guilfoyle replied that she only wanted to introduce Trump Jr. and had “raised so much money for this.” “Literally one of my donors Julie at 3 million,” she added.


Guilfoyle was referring to Julie Jenkins Fancelli, a Publix supermarket heir with who Guilfoyle had developed a professional relationship with during the campaign. Until now, Caroline Wren has been the only person identified as having worked with Fancelli. ProPublica reported last month that Wren also boasted in private conversations with colleagues of raising $3 million for the events of January 6th.

Read the full report at ProPublica.

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