Texas Senator Called Out For Attempt To Smear Democratic Colleagues With Misleading Photo

Senator John Cornyn of Texas was called out on Wednesday when he posted a photo of three Democratic colleague on Twitter, chiding them for not wearing masks. When he was called out and given accurate information, showing that the photo was from 2018, when no senators were wearing masks and COVID-19 hadn’t been heard of, he didn’t remove the misleading information or apologize.

Senator Cornyn attempts to smear colleagues
[Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images]

The original tweet came from Mary Ann Mendoza, a woman who was supposed to, as Fox 10 reported at the time, speak at the Republican National Convention — until she was pulled from the list for sharing antisemitic. Q-Anon propaganda. It’s a photo of Senators Sheldon Whitehouse, Cory Booker, and Richard Blumenthal with their heads close together in discussion. In the tweet, she asks, “What’s missing in this photo?”

In a world with COVID-19, the answer is easy, and Senator Cornyn gave it in his retweet: masks. (This will be attached as a screenshot at the end of this article, in case Twitter removes it for misinformation or it is otherwise deleted.)

The implication, however, is greater than that single word. Democratic legislators have pushed for mask-wearing, and even for mandating masks in public places, while many Republicans have resisted. The implication is of hypocrisy — not only are there no masks, but the three are certainly not social distancing.

Of course, a significant number of people reading Cornyn’s tweet took the step he skipped, and tried a reverse images search — discovering that the photo is two years old, actually from the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh.

Rather than withdraw or correct the misleading and disingenuous tweet, Cornyn merely responded, “Thanks for clarifying.”

Twitter users did not let this slide.

Cornyn has not responded to this criticism.

John Cornyn tweets misinformation
[Screenshot via John Cornyn/Twitter]

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