Texas Roadhouse CEO Has Amazingly Generous Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Some of the hardest-hit people during this infernal pandemic we are all suffering through right now are also those we all tend to take for granted when we want a night out: restaurant workers.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

The CEO of Texas Roadhouse is doing something every millionaire and billionaire executive should be doing to combat the economic effects of this whole thing on the most vulnerable of his employees: giving up his salary and bonus for the year to make sure frontline Texas Roadhouse workers still make a living.

W. Kent Taylor’s salary in 2018 was a baseline $525,000, totaling $1.3 million with bonuses. Clearly, he realized that his privileged position during such a difficult time warranted action on his part.

This generosity stands in stark contrast to what Urban Outfitters is doing, which is risking its employees’ lives to make a quick buck during a global pandemic. Then again, we cannot expect high levels of generosity from most millionaires and billionaires. But we can from W. Kent Taylor.

Serving, cooking in, and cleaning restaurants are often thankless jobs that barely pay the bills, and come ripe with abuse that just has to be taken because “the customer is always right.” On top of that, it is not the people who keep these places going day to day who get the financial thanks. It is the CEO’s and other people at the top who do.

Clearly, W. Kent Taylor realized that, and decided to give a bit of thanks to those in his company who deserve it the most.

Hats off to this CEO, and shame on the ones who are continuing to wallow in greed at the expense of precious American lives.

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