Texas Rep. Glorifies Lynchings During House Hearing On Anti-Asian Violence

Texas Republican Rep. Charles Eugene “Chip” Roy has quite the conservative pedigree, having served as chief of staff to Sen. Ted Cruz. He’s also a former federal prosecutor who, like many in the GOP, like to tout their utmost respect for law and order. But Thursday morning, during his opening remarks at a House of Representatives hearing on anti-Asian violence, Roy delivered a ringing endorsement of race-based vigilante justice.

“There’s an old saying Texas about ‘find all the rope in Texas and get a tall oak tree.’ You know, we take justice very seriously. And we ought to do that. Round up the bad guys. That’s what we believe,” Roy said.

He then tried to use the now well-worn Republican tactic of “whataboutism” to pivot the hearing from focusing on the murder of eight people in Georgia to the supposed travails of people in Texas. “The case we are talking about here, the tragedy we just saw occur in Atlanta, Ga. … I would also suggest that the victims of the cartels moving illegal aliens deserve justice. The American citizens in south Texas, they are getting absolutely decimated by what’s happening at the southern border deserve justice. The victims of the rioting and looting in the street … last summer deserve justice. We believe in justice.”

But Roy wasn’t yet done. He declared that, “I think the Chinese Communist Party running the country of China, I think they are the bad guys. And I think that what they did to hide the reality of this virus is equally deserving of condemnation.”

(Photo by Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Later in the hearing, Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY), who is of Taiwanese descent, called out Roy for his comments. “I want to go back to something that Mr. Roy said earlier,” Meng stated. “Your president and your party and your colleagues can talk about issues with any other country that you want, but you don’t have to do it by putting a bull’s eye on the backs of Asian-Americans across this country! On our grandparents and on our kids! This hearing was to address the hurt and pain of our community and to find solutions! We will not let you take our voice away from us!”

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