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Texas Militia Leader Planned to Kill Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & George Soros, According to FBI

Texas Militia Leader Planned to Kill Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & George Soros, According to FBI

Larry Mitchell Hopkins, the head of a far-right New Mexico militia group notorious for detaining undocumented families at gunpoint, reportedly tried to train a group to assassinate Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and billionaire Democratic donor George Soros.

The accusations come from Hopkins, a 69-year-old who lives in a border town near El Paso, was arrested on charges of possession of firearms and ammunition. He had previously been convicted in 2006 on charges and firearm possession.

The FBI now claims that Hopkins told witnesses during a 2017 investigation that his militia was in the stages of planning to assassinate the three major Democratic figures. Hopkins’ militia group, the United Constitutional Patriots, is hellbent on violently imposing its radical and racist views on unsuspecting immigrants at the border. Its Facebook page, however, says it’s composed of “Americans that believe in the constitution and the rights of every American that will stand up for there[sic] rights in unity and help keep America safe”.

Hopkin’s militia group detained roughly 200 migrants as they crossed the US-Mexico border last week seeking asylum. Many of those detained by the militia were reportedly Central Americans.

Civil rights groups and immigrant advocates have sharply criticized the militia’s tactics, claiming that these militia groups illegally detain migrants and kidnap them by impersonating law enforcement.

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Allegra Love, the executive director of the Santa Fe Dreamers Project, a group that provides free legal services to immigrants, told the Santa Fe New Mexican that the militias are outrageous.

“We don’t need citizens confronting them at gunpoint,” Ms Love said, referring to migrants seeking asylum in the United States and coming from violent nations like Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

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