Texas Had 135 COVID Deaths Yesterday. The State is Now Opening Businesses Up at 75% Capacity

Initially, states like New York, Washington and New Jersey had the vast majority of the country’s COVID cases. Over the last few months, though, states in the Southwest have bore the brunt of the pandemic. This is especially true of Texas. The Lone Star state recorded 3,400 new cases yesterday with 135 deaths.

Photo by Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images

In total, Texas has seen 706,000 cases and 14,803 deaths. Still, Governor Greg Abbott thinks the state is moving in the right direction. On Thursday, Abbott announced plans to reopen businesses in most counties up to 75% capacity.

3 regions in the state, the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and Victoria, will not be opening due to high hospitalization rates. Bars will also remain closed for the time being.

Abbott said that the reopening will include, “all retail stores, all restaurants, all office buildings, all manufacturing, all museums and libraries and all gyms.”

The Governor continued:

“Since late July, the spread of Covid-19 has steadily and significantly declined. The number of new cases and new hospitalizations have been cut by more than two-thirds. Just yesterday we had the lowest number of hospitalizations in the past three months.”

Abbott did end his press conference with a word of caution for the state’s residents. “Covid does still exist and most Texans remain susceptible. If we fully reopen Texas without limits, without safe practices, it can lead to an unsustainable increase in Covid that would require the possibility of being forced to ratchet back down.”

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