Texas Governor Greg Abbott Says If Border Patrol Agents Are Fired For Misconduct, He’ll Hire Them

Last week, a video went viral appearing to show Border Patrol agents using horses and whips to herd human beings as they crossed into the United States. President Biden responded, assuring the public that he takes full responsibility and would ensure consequences after a complete investigation. Now, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is promising to make an effort to shield agents from those consequences.

[Photo by Lynda M. Gonzalez-Pool/Getty Images]

The BBC reported this weekend on Joe Biden’s response to the video and the allegations about its contents. The president promised an investigation, and said that there would be consequences for misconduct. The clip below shows agents on horseback charging toward migrants, seeming to chase individuals, and twirling or shaking long reigns or other objects — they’ve been interpreted as whips but the official word is that they’re reigns — threateningly in the direction of individuals.

However, Abbott has defended this, denying only the allegations that agents were whipping humans. He doesn’t deny that they weaponized horses to terrorize and chase individuals, or that there was misconduct. Still, he opposes the president’s promise to investigate and implement consequences as appropriate — saying, in fact, that if ny agents are fired for their behavior, he’ll hire them himself to patrol the Texas border.

“What the president said, going after the Border Patrol who were risking their lives and working so hard to try to secure the border, if he takes any action against them whatsoever, I have worked side-by-side with those Border Patrol agents, and I want them to know something. If they are at risk of losing their job due to a president who has abandoned his duty to secure the border, you have a job in the state of Texas. I will hire you to help Texas secure our border.”

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