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Texas GOP Embraces COVID-19, Attacks Masks, Voting, & Pronouns

Texas GOP Embraces COVID-19, Attacks Masks, Voting, & Pronouns

In the middle of a global pandemic, what could be more important to those in a leadership role than…trying to ‘trigger’ people they disagree with? Well, maybe keeping the populace safe, one would think — but the Texas GOP is going out of its way to make sure nobody mistakenly assumes the people are their priority.

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Instead, the party has used their social media profile to rail against voting rights, boast that their COVID-19 denial and attacks on voting access make people unhappy, and throw out a final weak trolling attempt regarding masks.

On Friday the Texas GOP Twitter account posted a meme linking COVID-19 testing and voting rights, suggesting that the increase in testing is proof that there’s no need for mail-in ballots.

“If you can wait in line for hours for [COVID-19] testing, you can vote in person,” the meme declared — failing to acknowledge, of course, the many people who are immune-compromised and are not standing in lines for COVID-19 testing, as well as the risk of being ill on election day and unable to make it to polling places.

When people started pointing out how dangerous this line of rhetoric is, both for public health and democracy, the account fired back with, a boast that they’d “made pronouns in bio people big mad.” However, the Texas GOP must not have gotten as much of a response as they hoped for, because they followed up with one more elementary-school-bully-level attempt at trolling: “Masks are dumb!”

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Was the point to express genuinely-held political views on election integrity, the effectiveness of masks, and the science of gender? If so, the Texas GOP certainly didn’t show it when they posted a screenshot bragging that the tweets had resulted in a Twitter trend, and invited everyone speaking out to “cry more.”

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