Texans Voting Straight-Ticket Dem Find Votes for Beto Changed to Cruz

CNN’s Leah McElrath said her vote for Beta O’Rourke was changed to a nod for Ted Cruz even though she chose the “straight ticket” option for the Democratic Party on the first screen when she voted on Thursday, according to a post on her Twitter feed.

“I chose the ‘straight ticket’ option for the Democratic Party on the first screen. Once I toggled through the 16+ page ballot and reached the final screen to review my choices, I saw that my vote for @BetoORourke had been changed to a vote for Ted Cruz, ” she revealed.

Texas ballot changing vote from Beto to Cruz
Photo Credit: Leah McElrath Twitter feed

McElrath had to toggle all the way back through more than 16 pages to undo the Ted Cruz selection manually and change it to a vote for Beto O’Rourke, she said, and then she had to toggle through more than 16 pages to reach the final review page, which correctly showed a vote for the Democrat candidate.

The Texas secretary of state’s office said Friday that issues have been reported with Hart eSlate voting machines, according to a report in the San Jose Mercury News. The machines are used in nearly 30 percent of counties statewide, including the state’s largest, Harris, which includes Houston; Tarrant, which is home to Fort Worth; and Travis, where Austin is located. The machines feature a wheel for selecting candidates and buttons to move from screen to screen.

The Texas secretary of state’s office said the voting issues are caused by voters, not the machines, and often occur when they complete and their submit ballots too quickly.

“The Hart eSlate machines are not malfunctioning, the problems being reported are a result of user error — usually voters hitting a button or using the selection wheel before the screen is finished rendering,” said Sam Taylor, spokesman for Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos.

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