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Terrible People Doing Terrible Things Shouldn’t Be News, But It Has to Be News When Those People Are in Congress

Terrible People Doing Terrible Things Shouldn’t Be News, But It Has to Be News When Those People Are in Congress

The current news story about Lauren Boebert and Ilhan Omar is an ugly one. It makes me physically ill to think about what Boebert is doing, and I certainly don’t feel very good writing about it. It’s been written about plenty already, including on this site, but as the story gets worse, it’s our job to let the public know.

Boebert isn’t interested in making a real apology to Rep. Omar or anyone else, just like she isn’t interested in being a decent human being. The woman married a registered sex offender but perpetuates the propaganda from the right about Rep. Omar, and because we’re now officially living in The Purge, she thinks she can be as openly racist and xenophobic as she wants without consequences. I wonder where she got that idea.

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Ennyhoo, to her credit, Rep. Omar tried to have a conversation with Klannie Oakley, but it didn’t go very well, SHOCKER!

I don’t particularly care to repeat Boebert’s anti-Muslim hate speech or give it any more oxygen. Those words don’t deserve to flourish and survive. Unfortunately, Boebert seems to have more backup from the worst possible people, and that’s what grabs those clicks. I mean, is it news that Squeaky’s pal Marjorie Manson–sorry, Marjorie Taylor Greene, so the internet searches find her correctly–liked her latest hate tweet about Rep. Omar? Who cares that she liked that tweet? My first reaction was, Of course she did, because she’s terrible. They’re all terrible. But just being terrible for the sake of being terrible shouldn’t merit a news article, should it?

Maybe it shouldn’t, but we now live in The Purge and there are new rules. And those rules state that if you don’t like something someone says or the way they vote, you’re allowed to destroy their entire livelihood. You can get your whole fanbase to make death threats to your fellow Republican colleagues. Like Daffy Duck famously said, “Consequences, schmonsequences, as long as I’m rich!”

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January 6th was a demonstration of what the MAGA base is willing to do, so if we blow off these tweets, it sends a message that we’re not prepared for when they do it again. And we need to be prepared, because I’ve had my share of death threats and I’m here to tell you that they’re all now willing to go even further than they did at the Capitol.

Rep. Omar shared an embedded video from our friend Patriot Takes where Boebert pushes the anti-Muslim propaganda that started the fight. This is what sitting members of Congress are doing with our tax dollars.

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But again, no one should be surprised by the violent rhetoric coming from the QAnon Congress, they feed on it. The question is, how long are we going to be stuck watching them devour each other? When do we get a real Congress that acts like the government body it’s to be instead of the student body of an understaffed elementary school?

I’m sure House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will scold these Mean Girls and tell them to be nicer together in the cafeteria, but it’s not going to happen, Principal Pelosi. We’re all stuck in 3rd grade detention with them and it’s up to you to separate them from the rest of us by expelling them once and for all.


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