Tenants Are Bailing Out Of Trump Tower, With One Exception

Times are tough at Trump Tower. In the past year a number of high-paying tenants in the Manhattan skyscraper have fallen millions of dollars behind on rent, declared bankruptcy and moved out.

Marcraft Clothes once rented the entire 18th floor. The purveyor of $1,400 Trump-branded suits, which had adorned its offices with fireplaces, mahogany-lined closets, bars and a golden Buddha, owed $664,000 in back rent when it went out of business last year. One floor above a business school once headed by Kris Jenner became engulfed in lawsuits and got behind almost $200,000 in rent by October 2020. On the 21st and 22nd floors, the company that made Ivanka Trump shoes got $1.5 million in the hole on rent – and the Trump Organization sued to recover the money.

But according to a Washington Post report one tenant has been able to remain current on its rent payments: Donald Trump’s political machine. Campaign finance filings indicate that the Make America Great Again PAC began paying more than $37,000 a month for 5,490 square feet office space on the 15th floor of Trump Tower beginning in March of this year. Typically a space that size could accommodate 30 people, but a source told WaPo that only three employees were listed as occupying the space as of June. And, the source also said those three workers hardly ever utilize the space.

The twice-impeached, one-term former president’s PAC has taken in millions of dollars since Trump left office, ostensibly to fund bogus election challenges. By all appearances, a big chunk of that money is going directly into Trump’s pocket every month in rent payments for space that hardly ever is used.

According to campaign-finance experts, the payments do not appear to be illegal because there are few restrictions on how the PAC can spend the money it receives. Paul Ryan, a campaign finance expert with Common Cause, has this assessment of the arrangement. “He’s running a con,” Ryan told WaPo. “Talking about political expenses – but, in reality, raising money for self-enrichment.”

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