“Tell That to the Family of the Person That Just Died” Rachel Maddow Has Had It With Anti-Vaxxers [Video]

One of the only achievements of the Trump administration was the brisk release of multiple COVID-19 vaccines. Unfortunately, by the time the shots came along, the former president had already made COVID mitagations a culture war issue. And as a result, many of his followers have refused the shot.

Currently the average daily death rate is as high as it was in March, when the inoculation was readily available. During her Wednesday show, Rachel Maddow railed against anti-vaxxers.

The MSNBC host told viewers:

“[I]n an effort to save as many human lives as possible, these hospitals now have permission and guidance to prioritize giving treatment to people who are more likely to live.

And that is as bad as it sounds. It means that some people will not be admitted to the hospital, even though they need to be hospitalized. Other people who might previously have been given curative treatment, treatment to cure them and save them, instead will just be given comfort care to try to make things easier for them.

And it’s a sort of anodyne phrase, crisis standards of care. But it is a terrible thing, and it is a thing that we really haven’t confronted before as a country.”

Maddow closed, “Your personal decision whether or not to get vaccinated, it has really tangible consequences for a whole lot of other people who aren’t you.”

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