Televangelist Says Trump Going Maskless Is Evidence Of Immunity From Works Of The Devil

Donald Trump rarely wore masks before he contracted COVID-19. Now that he’s had the virus, televangelist Kenneth Copeland is citing his mask-free appearances as evidence that Christians are immune.

Kenneth Copeland antibodies of faith
[Screenshot via Kenneth Copeland Ministries/YouTube]

In a short clip captured by Right Wing Watch Copeland talks about seeing Donald and Melania Trump without masks, and about Trump crediting God for getting him through the virus. Then he declares that “we” — presumably meaning Christians — are granted a “holy spirit immunity.”

“I was noticing today, President Trump and his beautiful first lady, without masks. They are immune! They are immune! And this display of our president giving God thanks for helping him in that time and he walked out immune. Somehow Glory to God, whew, thank you Jesus, come on man, we’re immune. We’re going through this thing with a holy spirit immunity from the works of the devil.”

In the full episode, Copeland is talking to Flashpoint host Gene Bailey, who responds by telling his own story, in which he says he was tested and learned that he has COVID-19 antibodies, though he says, “I don’t ever remember getting COVID or anything,” then goes on to declare that he has the “antibodies of faith.”

Trump has previously boasted that he is now immune to the virus. Though he was reported to have antibodies for COVID-19, experts pointed out that he would be expected to have detectable antibodies, since one of his treatments was actually the injection of antibodies into his bloodstream, where they would be expected to remain for a period of time.

However, scientists studying the virus have said it’s not yet clear that those who survive the virus become immune, or whether immunity is permanent, if so. In fact, the BBC has reported that some patients have gotten the virus twice, and that reinfection can result in a harsher illness than the first infection.

Scientists have offered no evidence or hypothesis suggesting that the president’s survival of COVID-19 would in any way convey immunity on any broad demographic of people, including by religious denomination.

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