Televangelist Jim Bakker Sued By Missouri AG For Selling Fake ‘Silver’ Coronavirus Cure

Televangelist pastor Jim Bakker is being sued by the Attorney General’s office of Missouri for promoting a product he claims helps cure or stave off coronavirus.

Image via Right Wing Watch

Bakker has been selling his “Silver Solution Liquid” for several months now. According to Right Wing Watch, recent efforts to sell the product as a possible cure for COVID-19, amid a pandemic and spread of the disease in the U.S. and elsewhere, have seen sales skyrocket in recent weeks.

A 12-pack order of the liquid sells for about $300. However, as should be plainly obvious, Silver Solution is not a legitimate product that can cure the disease.

Bakker has been warned several times by various government agencies, including the New York Attorney General’s office and the Food and Drug Administration, to “immediately cease making all such claims” that his product is a cure for coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s office published a press release announcing that the state was officially suing Bakker for fraud.

“Anyone who has bought ‘Silver Solution’ from the Jim Bakker Show should know that it cannot cure or treat coronavirus,” the press release stated. It also warned Bakker to stop selling the product at once:

“The lawsuit filed [Tuesday morning] requests a restraining order and permanent injunction ordering Bakker to stop selling Silver Solution as a treatment for coronavirus.”

Selling Silver Solution as a potential “cure” for coronavirus is not unfamiliar territory for Bakker. The televangelist is a peddler of many products with baseless claims.

Bakker, for example, tried to sell coins last year depicting President Donald Trump’s face on them, claiming they provided a “point of contact” between consumers and the president.

The coins, though valued at much, much less, were priced at $45 per coin.

Featured image credit via Right Wing Watch

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