Televangelist Grovels to God to Magically Keep Donald Trump in the White House

President Donald Trump’s reelection loss to Democrat Joe Biden has caused a meltdown among religious conservatives, and one prominent televangelist is now asking God to – somehow – conjure up a new election so that Trump and the Republican Party can contol the government for another four years.

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Preaching at Pseudo-Pastor Kenneth Copeland’s Eagle Mountain International Church on Sunday, Terri Pearsons, who is Copeland’s daughter and the congregation’s senior pastor, begged God to usurp democracy.

Pearsons thanked God for providing Trump with “spiritual” and “legal strategies” that “frustrated the enemy,” who in her eyes is the majority of the American people, who resoundingly rejected Trump last Tuesday.

“You’re giving our administration legal strategies,” Persons shouted. “You frustrated the enemy. You caused them to turn on themselves. You caused them to reveal their hands. You caused their plots to be exposed. You caused their plans to be exposed. You caused those who worked evil and inequity to be exposed. And you sent the host of the angel armies, and you cooperated, Lord, from Heaven with your armies in the Earth. In Jesus’ name, we thank you that Heaven and Earth are working together. Thy will be done!  Thy will be done. Thy will be done! Thy will be done! Thy will be done!”

Pearsons then asks God to manipulate every single race that Republicans lost, from Congress down to state legislatures:

Lord, we don’t just look to the presidency,. We’re asking you to straighten out every Senate race, straighten out every House race, straighten out every governorship, straighten out every state legislature, straighten out every mayoral election, straighten out every city council. Straighten ’em out. Straighten ’em out. Straighten ’em out. Expose it all. Expose it all. Expose it all, Lord.

The desperation is palpable:

And Lord, if it be your will and if it be necessary, another election, another voting day. Whatever it takes under your kingdom, oh God, to bring it all in line, bring it all in line, bring it all in line with the will of God. For we claim righteousness in the White House, righteousness in the House of Representatives, and righteousness in the Senate, and righteousness in every state, in Jesus’ name.

Good luck with all that.

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

Seventy-two days until the inauguration.

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