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Ted Nugent: AR-15 Owners Are Just Like Rosa Parks

Ted Nugent: AR-15 Owners Are Just Like Rosa Parks

Ever since the George Floyd protests began, some Conservatives have begun to compare their “sacrifices” to the plight of Black Americans. Even the President has gotten in on the act. In late May, Trump shared a tweet the likened the wearing of a face mask to slavery.

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The gun lobby is now using a Civil Rights icon to complain about a potential ban of the AR-15 rifle. Former rock star and NRA Board Member Ted Nugent posted an image that compares owners of the AR-15 to Rosa Parks.

The Facebook message read, “Why do ‘I need’ to own an AR-15? Why did Rosa Parks ‘need’ to sit in front of the bus? In a free nation, there is no requirement to show ‘need’ to exercise a right.”

Via Ted Nugent Facebook

Nugent has been one of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters. He was invited to the White House along with fellow rocker Kid Rock back in 2017.

The former rock star says of the President:

“Donald Trump was sent here by God. Just like our founding fathers were touched by divine intervention. Because man was not created to live under the control of kings and emperors and tyrants. We need to shoot the kings and the emperors and the tyrants. They’re bad people. They think they have authority over free people, and they’re wrong.”

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Are AR-15’s actually in danger of being banned in the country? Possibly. Democratic nominee Joe Biden has said of these sort of weapons, “Assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are designed for no purpose other than to kill quickly and as brutally as possible. No one needs them.”


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