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Ted Cruz’s Tweet to Solicit Donations Backfires in Epic Fashion

Ted Cruz’s Tweet to Solicit Donations Backfires in Epic Fashion

Social media is a powerful tool for politicians and voters alike. After all, the president himself has used such tools to bypass the mainstream media and go directly to the American people (at least those who he hasn’t blocked). But it’s those running for office who find platforms like Twitter and Facebook even more beneficial.

Many candidates, particularly those on the left, like Beto O’Rourke and Andrew Gillum, have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to people sharing their posts and creating their own posts to share.

One attempt to raise money for the November 6 Senate race in Texas, backfired spectacularly however. Republican Senator Ted Cruz made a rather innocent tweet last night, asking for campaign contributions.

“URGENT: Election Day is almost here and we’re counting on YOUR support to win. Please chip in $5, $25, or $50 today ?” the tweet read, as it pointed to a link to the TedCruz.org website.

Within minutes, HillReporter’s Ed Krassenstein replied to the tweet with his own message as seen below:

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The ironic part of all of this is the fact that Cruz’s tweet to his 3.24 million followers received just 1,100 ‘likes’ and 565 retweets, while the reply by Ed Krassenstein, who has just over 800,000 followers, received over two and a half times the number of ‘likes’ at 2,700 and 700 retweets.

While we don’t have any actual statistics on how much money was raised for each candidate via these tweets, it’s safe to assume that Beto O’Rourke likely is the one to have benefitted the most from Cruz’s solicitation of contributions.

This example appears to reinforce the argument that O’Rourke’s popularity among the younger generations and social media types squash that of the current senator’s. Will it translate into actual votes at the polls? We will have to wait until November 6 to find out.

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