Ted Cruz’s Latest Ridiculous Feud is With the Cast of The Princess Bride

For someone who has a pretty important job as one of America’s 100 senators, Ted Cruz spends a lot of time on Twitter. And he spends a lot of that time in very odd feuds. Back in June he challenged actor Ron Perlman to a wrestling match, not against him, but against Jim Jordan. The Texas senator was also burned by Mark Cuban in July, after he whined about NBA players demonstrating against racism.

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Cruz has now found his latest thing that he wants to be mad about, actors and actresses from one of his favorite movies raising money for Democrats. This weekend, the Texas senator angrily tweeted about the cast of 1987 film, The Princess Bride.

Over the weekend, the Wisconsin Democratic party revealed a special cast reading to raise money. The organization asked those interested to, “chip in any amount to join us for an exclusive Princess Bride script read featuring Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Carol Kane, Chris Sarandon, Mandy Pantinkin, Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, Rob Reiner, and special guests! This will be followed by a Cast Q&A moderated by Patton Oswalt.”

An angry Cruz soon responded, “Do you hear that Fezzik? That is the sound of ultimate suffering. My heart made that sound when the six-fingered man killed my father. Every Princess Bride fan who wants to see that perfect movie preserved from Hollywood politics makes it now.”

The film’s star Cary Elwes did, however, make Cruz a special offer. He responded to the senator, “if you only left the fire swamp you could join us.”


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