Ted Cruz Says When He Called Military “Emasculated” & “Pansies” It Wasn’t An Attack

Somehow, Ted Cruz’s attempts to insult Democrats and social progress keep looking like attacks on U.S. Military members. He says that’s just because “lefty” social media users are being “dishonest” about what he’s saying.

Ted Cruz attacks military
[Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images]

It starts with a tweeted video clip, comparing a Russian military recruitment ad to an American one. Newsweek described the U.S. Army video as one in a series intended to draw attention from groups that may not fit the stereotyped image of military members, and in this case, it’s Corporal Emma Malonelord — a real member of the U.S. Military, describing her background, raised by two moms, and how she considers her military career to be an extension of the same fight for freedom that allowed her parents to wed.

By contrast, the Russian ad is focused on guns, battlefields, and more — well, militant — parts of military work, rather than the individual backgrounds of recruits.

Ted Cruz was not happy with the contrast, and retweeted the clip, declaring a “woke emasculated military” to be a bad idea.

Later, he declared that he didn’t mean that as an attack on the military, but that “lefty blue checkmarks” on Twitter were “dishonestly” calling it one, when all he meant was that Democrats and the media are trying to turn the military into “pansies.”

Despite Cruz’s attempt to repaint his tweets as only talking about a hypothetical future “woke, emasculated” military, Corporal Malonelord is in the actual real U.S. Military right now. She’s not someone the “woke media” made up for this video, nor are the others in the series. All five videos are here on the U.S. Army website, including the pilot who describes a childhood in which he dreamed of flying a helicopter but didn’t think he was smart enough, and the immigrant who tells the story of learning how far hard work can take you.

Denigrating these military members, and others like them, isn’t an attack on Democratic politicians who might support same-sex marriage rights or female recruits or whatever else Cruz thinks a “woke” army might be about. These are real people, in the current U.S. Military, and if Cruz thinks their presence and stories are “emasculated” or “woke,” it’s the U.S. Military he’s talking about.

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