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Ted Cruz Roasted Over Quail Killing Tweet

Ted Cruz Roasted Over Quail Killing Tweet

Why do Republicans think it’s a good idea to flout their holiday vacation activities to the world when millions of Americans are in dire financial shape and almost 4,000 a day are dying from coronavirus?

Today’s entry in the GOP Tone Deaf Political Sweepstakes is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who tweeted a photo showing him with a shotgun slung over his left shoulder and a lineup of dead game birds on the back of truck with the note: “A beautiful day hunting quail in South Texas. As close to heaven as one can find on earth.”

While the almost universally disliked Texas senator was recreating, his state recorded its highest ever number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Lines at food banks in Dallas and Houston were miles long. And Gov. Greg Abbott announced that thousands of doses of coronavirus vaccine were just sitting on warehouse shelves.

Reaction on Twitter was a 12-gauge blast of ridicule. “GOP priorities in ONE photo.”

“Pence is skiing in Vail, Trump is golfing in Palm Beach, Mnuchin is sunning Cabo. Is anyone else mad. I am furious.”

“Do you ever work? Thousands in Texas struggling and looking for help at food banks. This is what you’re doing?”

“Gotta love when a Princeton Graduate, a Harvard Law graduate, a member of the Harvard Debate Team, and whose spouse is a Managing Director for Goldman Sachs starts pretending he just an aw shucks kind of guy.”

“I don’t think heaven has guns or humans who run around killing animals. Those people go elsewhere to the best of my knowledge.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be in DC? Or did McConnell tell you ahead of time he was blocking checks?”

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