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Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott Just Got Their Cojones Handed to Them by Steve Schmidt

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott Just Got Their Cojones Handed to Them by Steve Schmidt

Lincoln Project Co-Founder Steve Schmidt has been pummelling Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) – both of whom are failed presidential candidates, and Rick Scott (R-FL) – a convicted felon who was catapulted to infamy when he got busted running a $1.7 billion Medicare fraud scheme in Florida prior to becoming its 45th governor – on Twitter. For two days.

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On Monday night, after actress Eva Longoria gave an emotional speech at the opening night of the 2020 Democratic National Covention, Rubio tried come for her on Twitter.

“Brilliant move! No one is more in touch with the challenges & obstacles faced by everyday Americans than actors & celebrities,” Rubio tweeted, conveniently forgetting that prior to becoming president of the United States, Donald Trump was a defunkt reality television show host.

In a series of tweets in the wee hours of Tuesday morning Schmidt, a bullhorn critic of Trump and his gaggle of elected brownnosers, tore Rubio to shreds.

“I was just thinking about you. Your Father fled Castro’s tyranny with nothing but the clothes on his back. He tended bar in the back of the room and watched you rise to the heights of political power within one generation. Only in America. Of course, the origin story was an embellishment,” Schmidt tweeted.

“Your parents came in ‘56. They weren’t fleeing communism. They were just looking for a better life like the hard working immigrants you have abandoned because you fear Trump and love your position. We are living in a moment where our institutions are under assault and Trump is attacking our 231 year old tradition of free and fair elections. At long last we know the type of man Marco Rubio is. He is no friend of liberty. He is an apparatchik at heart. A self interested enabler and a collaborator with the indecency he once denounced.”

“Rubio is the type of man who would have stayed in Cuba in 59,” Schmidt continued. “He is the type of ambitious young man who would have sensed new opportunities. He is the type of man who would have gladly held Castro’s coat if it helped him rise, just a little. @ProjectLincoln

Rubio fired back.

“Schmidt is the type of man who turns to political prostitution,” Rubio tweeted of Schmidt. “The type of washed up man who sensed new opportunities to make some $. The type of man who gladly supports a party with prominent members who sympathize with Castro because it helps him be relevant, just a little.”

Rubio’s fellow Republican Senator from Florida, stepped in to defend his colleague.

“Marco is right,” Scott tweeted. “Steve Schmidt has always hated conservatives. His opinion is meaningless. Telling a Cuban-American leader like @marcorubio that he would have supported Castro is offensive and idiotic.”


Then, on Wednesday, Cruz, who was born in Canada to Cuban refugees, chimed in to defend Rubio.

“Marco & I haven’t always agreed, but to see him slandered by this oleaginous cretin is shameful,” Cruz said. “Schmidt wouldn’t understand—he’s spent his life serving, & then betraying, powerful men—but for those whose families suffered & bled under Castro’s tyrannny, this is beyond the pale.”

Schmidt left Rubio, Cruz, and Scott in ruins.

For the record, Schmidt has not “always hated concervatives,” and has never claimed to. Schmidt began his career and worked as a Republican activist and strategist from 1988-2018. He was also John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign manager. Schmidt swtiched his party affiliation from Republican to Independent in 2018 because the GOP he knew and loved surrendered to President Donald Trump’s political cult. In 2019, Schmidt became a founding member the Lincoln Project, a political action committee for Republicans who want Trump gone.

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