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Ted Cruz Maintains Ties To Right-Wing Group With Extremist Views

Ted Cruz Maintains Ties To Right-Wing Group With Extremist Views

You’re known by the company you keep. For Ted Cruz that means palling around with the True Texas Project (TTP), a right-wing group who response to the El Paso mass shooting that targeted Hispanics and resulted in 23 deaths was, “You’re not going to demographically replace a once proud, strong people without getting blow-back.” The wife of the founder of TTP chimed in with “I don’t condone the actions, but I certainly understand where they came from.”

There are numerous other examples of the group’s extremist views, which is run by Dallas area couple Fred and Julie McCarty. As the deadly Jan. 6 insurrectionist riot at the U.S. Capitol played out the McCartys each retweeted a now-suspended account that wrote: “If politicians deserve to live at all, let it be in fear.” The next day Fred McCarty defended the pro-Trump rioters, tweeting, “Capitol Stormers did nothing wrong.”

During last summer’s protests after George Floyd’s murder by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, Julie McCarty said on the group’s public Facebook account run by her husband: “We can love black people all day long — all decade long — all our lives long . . . and that will not stop them looting and destroying and feeling justified in doing so.”

In a September Facebook post, as National Football League players wore decals bearing the names of victims of racism and police brutality, the group asked: “Why are NFL players wearing names of felons & rapists on their helmets when they already have them on their jerseys?”

In November, Julie McCarty tweeted a photo of Cruz holding the group’s T-shirt. “Senator @tedcruz took notice of @TrueTXProject, liked what he saw, and asked one of his team to get him a tshirt. How great is that?” she asked.

About two weeks before the Jan. 6 riot, the TTP posted a diagram on Facebook of a guillotine built from materials available at Home Depot. “Something you can do with your $600 stimulus check,” the caption reads.

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Cruz appears comfortable associating with the extremist group because he believes it can deliver him votes. In September 2017 Cruz delivered an hour-long speech to the group and received a standing ovation. He thanked Julie McCarty for her “incredible leadership” and told the crowd, “Each and every one of you is making an incredible impact.”

In 2018, the group organized a get-out-the-vote event with the Cruz campaign. The McCartys had their picture taken with him and Vice President Mike Pence that year at a prominent Republican donor’s home in the Dallas area, a Facebook post shows.

His association with the group continues. Five days after the riot – at a time when TTP was defending the insurrectionist mob – Cruz’s father, Rafael, who is a frequent campaign surrogate for his son, participated in a panel discussion the group organized.

One Republican state lawmaker who used to engage with the group said it has “gone off the deep end” and described its efforts to launch chapters in other counties as “dangerous.” The lawmaker spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of political repercussions, saying, “If you disagree with them, there is hell to pay.”

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