Ted Cruz Lets A Hairdresser Held In Contempt Over COVID 19 Order Cut His Hair

Around the nation, businesses have been closed down due to the global pandemic. That means millions of Americans are out of work. That did not stop one hairdresser from opening her store and allowing Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in for a trim.

Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

Shelley Luther, the salon’s owner, had just gotten out of jail, and Senator Cruze sought out her services. Both Cruz and Luther wore masks during the haircut.

On Thursday, Luther received her walking papers by order of the Texas Supreme Court. She had originally been sentenced to seven days in jail and a $7,000 fine. These punishments came after Luther defied a judge who told her she had to close her business due to the pandemic.

Luther’s arrest became a symbol of the anti-stay-at-home- protest movement, with everyone from ordinary citizens to the Attorney General promoting her cause. Some Republican State lawmakers came into Luther’s shop before she was legally allowed to operate it.

Cruz even tweeted the incident:

Rep Briscoe Cain (R) says:

“For me, it was an act of civil disobedience, but it wasn’t personal.”

“If you’ve been following my Twitter feed, I was encouraging people to do this — if I was going to encourage others, I should do it myself — to encourage customers to go to any business, whether it’s been deemed ‘essential’ or not, so we can help provide these business owners and employees an income so they can pay their bills.”

Texas still has quite a problem with COVID-19. There are a reported 33,390 cases and 973 deaths,


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