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Ted Cruz is Sending This Deceptive Letter Asking Supporters for Money

Ted Cruz is Sending This Deceptive Letter Asking Supporters for Money

As the Senate race in Texas heats up between incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz and his opponent Beto O’Rourke, Republicans appear to be playing some dirty tricks.  Whether it was the O’Rourke signs which have been stolen from a home in Houston, or imposters posing as Beto O’Rourke’s campaign team, sending texts to supporters asking them to take undocumented immigrants to the polls on election day, Republicans in the Lone Star State apparently aren’t holding back.

Now, Ted Cruz’s own campaign appears to be taking part in what could arguably be considered deceptive fundraising tactics.  According to one Austin, Texas resident named Sean Owen, and confirmed by one of Cruz’s own high-ranking campaign official, Cruz is sending out a rather deceptive fundraising letter to his supporters.

The letter, as you can see below, appears to be a legal summons from the “Official Travis County Summons” office, with an urgent message to “open immediately”.

This isn’t the first time that Cruz’s campaign has taken part in this exact fundraising tactic, and it’s not just happening in Travis County.  Apparently it is happening all throughout Texas, including in Williamson County as well.

Also in May of this year, MySA reported that someone had received an envelope identical to these, with the exception being that the return address was from the “Official Kerr County Summons”, in Kerr County.  Last month the same letter was sent to someone in Collin County as well.

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According to Cruz’s campaign, hundreds of thousands of these letters have been sent out to Texans, asking for donations.  The letter inside this misleading envelope isn’t as deceptive as the outer packaging, however.

No matter what the letter says, there is no arguing that Ted Cruz’s campaign does seem to be misleading Texans to some degree.  This just goes to show how close the race for this Texas Senate seat has become.

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