Ted Cruz Is Lincoln Project’s Current Post-Election Target

The Lincoln Project formed with a stated goal of fighting Trump and Trumpism. Now that President Joe Biden has taken office, the group is turning its focus on the enablers, supporters, and seditionists. They’re calling Ted Cruz a leader of the Sedition Caucus, and they say he’s about to get a lot of their attention.

Ted Cruz
[Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images]

According to Raw Story, Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson called Cruz a “force of nature” who “went so far over the edge” to appease the 45th president’s base, and in competition with relative newcomer to the Senate, Josh Hawley (R-MO).

Wilson et al have paid Cruz some attention before, and they’ve referred to him as a member of the ‘sedition caucus’ since he made it clear that he would be joining efforts to reject the outcome of the election. As far back as January 2nd, the group was encouraging voters to contact Cruz’ office and direct him against the election attack.

However, when the Capitol was breached and lawmakers had to be rushed to safety, the Lincoln Project was quick to call out Cruz and Hawley as conspirators, saying that the two knew the attack was coming. (Hawley was reportedly armed in chambers at the time — something that is explicitly forbidden and has been speculated as evidence he knew something was planned.)

Lincoln Project plans to target all the legislators they consider complicit in the attack, and their donors.

They’ve released a short ad, above, calling Cruz, along with the former president, and fellow legislators Hawley, Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), ‘the leaders’ of the attack on the Capitol, and demanding accountability.

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